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The Creative Process

Creative Process
The law of attraction states that what we think about and focus on most, we will bring about into our experience. This is a conscious process, where you are co-creating your experience with the universe or your Higher Power. There are three steps in the creative process of creating your own experience.

Step 1: Ask
The asking step means that you ask the universe or Higher Power that which you are wanting. What do you really want?

Step 2: Answer
This step is the answer step, the universe or Higher Power will do this step for you. You will not know how or when your wish or desire will be delivered to you. But trust and have faith that the universe will rearrange itself to bring your wish into your experience.

Step 3: Receive

In order for your wish to happen and for the universe or Higher power to bring you your wish, you must put yourself in alignment and a state of being open to receive. You must bring yourself into a higher frequency of vibration and be open to receiving. You can do this by feeling good. If you are feeling good, feeling grateful, joyous, optimistic, happy, hopeful, you will receive what you are asking for. However, if you have a mindset of negativity and are vibrating at the lower frequencies and pushing back, that which the universe or Higher Power is trying to bring to you, it will not come to you. That means is you are in a chronic way of thinking in a negative way and feeling bad, as in feeling anger, despair, frustration, lack, depression, you are not in alignment with what you really want, and the universe or Higher Power cannot bring you that which you are wishing for.

In order to manifest your wish into your existence, you must become one with your wish. You must become in alignment with your desires.

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”
-Colin Powell

Creative Process Exercise
Step 1: Asking:
In chapter one, the goal setting exercise required that you list, in detail, that which you really wanted. Review your list now. This is what you are asking the universe or Higher Power for. Remember spell it out, be specific, pay very close attention to your thoughts and feelings when you finalize your list. If this exercise is difficult for you, start by writing down what you do not want and then rephrasing that list into a positive list that is detailed and the opposite of your do not want list.
(List from chapter two)
1) I wish to spend 3 hours a day, one on one time with my family, playing, laughing and having fun together at the park.
2) I wish to exercise for 30-60 minutes 3-5 times a week, including walking, bicycle riding, weight lifting and swimming.
3) I wish to work in an environment that allows me to strive, not just survive, I wish to be successful and promoted to manager within the year.
4) I wish to meet my soul mate and be involved in a loving, caring, sharing and passionate relationship with this person and partner.
5) I wish to make “$ XX” dollars a year.

Step 2: Answer
This step the universe or Higher Power does for you. The universe or Higher Power is very creative, far more than we can even imagine. Your task is to figure out what you desire, what you really want, and let the universe or Higher Power bring it to you. The universe or Higher Power figures out how and when, that is not your decision. You may have in mind how you would expect what you want to come to you, but if you focus on the how and when, you are limiting the universe or Higher Power in its ability to bring your desires to you. Do not fixate in your mind the how or what; let the magic of the law of attraction work for you. It may come from a source or way you never imagined. Miracles do happen.

Step 3: Receiving

This is the receiving step. The way you change the way you think, feel and speak can greatly improve your likelihood of receiving that which you desire. Emotions play two key roles in the creative process. First, emotions feed your desire. If you really want something and it makes you feel good, you are more likely to maintain your focus and act when necessary in order to bring the thing or experience to you. Secondly, emotions raise your energy vibration of good or desire. Energy attracts like energy, if you emit strong vibrations of positive energy, the universe or Higher Power will respond with the same in return. Emotions can be heightened and ingrained into your desire by using an acute sense of imagination. The more you focus and imagine your desires with emotions, the more likely you are to receive your wish.

In this part of the exercise, take one of your wishes, what you are asking for and imagine that wish with emotional clarity, using all five senses. It is very important that you really feel what that experience would be like.
1) I wish to spend 3 hours a day, one on one time with my family, playing, laughing and having fun together at the park.
Now imagine yourself in the park, playing with your family and children. Imagine the breeze on your face. Feel your self pushing your children on the swings. Feel the sand in the sand box. Smell the freshly cut grass. Hear the park noises, dogs barking, children laughing, lawn mowers churning. See the park layout in your mind; imagine the tiny details, the blades of grass, the gravel, and the chain links on the swings. Hold onto that thought!

Act as if it is true
Once you have a pretty good idea of exactly what you want, you have let go and have faith in the universe or Higher Power to worry about the how and when, and you have imagined what the desire would look like to every last detail, now; believe as if it has already happened. Once you have your ask list, believe you can have it, believe you deserve it and act as if it already true.
Go out and do what ever you can to put yourself into the feeling place of having it now. For example, it is a new car you are wishing for, go test drive that car and remember that feeling. Do not let go of that feeling until it manifests into your experience.

If it is good health that you are seeking, hold an image of you with a healthy body, imagine every detail, using all five senses. Imagine yourself doing all of the things that you want to do in this healthy body, feel it, feel good and get into the feeling place of having it now. Hold this image as you are walking your dog and feeling good, imagine your healthy body walking your dog every day, for longer and longer distances as your body heals and recovers. Imagine your body replacing the sick and diseased cells with new healthy cells and focus on the final outcome, a health body, one that feels good and can do many things! Hold that image; remember that feeling as often as you can during your day and the act as if it is already true. Use your imagination and believe it!

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.”
-Lauren Bacall

If you are feeling that this is all impossible, and are feeling stuck in your current situation or health status and you cannot imagine what it would be like to feel good or health, remember, anything in our universe is possible. You can begin to change your current reality and begin to change your health and your life when you learn, accept and practice the creative process. If you are imagining yourself only in your current situation and health status, and offering your thoughts only on what you are observing, your illness or disease, you will only get more of that. Find a way to focus on what you really want, feel it, imagine it and act as if you already have it. It is up to you to imagine, then co-create it with the universe or Higher Power, just the way you want.

“Nothing is unthinkable, nothing impossible to the balanced person, provided it arises out of the needs to life and is dedicated to life’s further developments.”
-Lewis Mumford

Study and Practice of the Creative Process
Once you decide what you want, stick to it until you have received it. The more detailed and consistent your message the universe is, the faster it will be delivered to you. Let us say you are wishing for the strength and ability to walk with your dog for two full miles. Then a few weeks later, you still cannot walk this distance, your wish has not yet arrived, so you figure that you have asked for too much, or even worse you lose your faith in the process. If you then change your mind to ask for something less, like being able to walk one mile with your dog, or you let thoughts of doubt enter your mind, the universe or Higher Power becomes confused as to what you are really wanting and what to bring to you, or reads your thoughts of doubts, the end result is that the universe or Higher Power will not bring you either one.

True miracles are created by men where they use the courage and intelligence that God gave them.”
-Jean Anouilh

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