Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Everything in This Universe is Connected!

"Regardless of your particular spiritual or religious background, for most of us it is undeniable common sense that somehow, in some way, everything is connected with everything else - that there is a powerful source in the Universe from which everything flows. Your key to manifesting your desires in your life is learning how to effectively connect to and harness this incredible power and put it to work for you.
Everything in the Universe is composed of Energy of one form or another, including your thoughts. According to the discoveries in Quantum Physics, all forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration. As it applies to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you put your energy and focus on, consciously or unconsciously - whether wanted or unwanted. As you'll learn, it's a bit more involved than that - but that's the basic idea.
"Within each life lies the cause of whatever enters it."-- F.W. Sears,
How to Attract Success, 1914It's been scientifically proven that thoughts are energy. They can actually be measured.

Because everything in the Universe is composed of energy, and is therefore connected, each thought that you have has a direct effect on your physical reality. You may find this concept hard to accept at first, especially if it is new to you. Most of us go through our lives feeling as if we are at the mercy of external events – we believe that things ‘happen to us.’ We find ourselves in situations not of our own choosing, people treat us unfairly, or life itself treats us unfairly. But what I have come to believe, to know really, is that things don’t just happen to us - WE ATTRACT THEM.
Virtually every event and every aspect of our lives, whether we consider it good or bad, is exactly what we have (either consciously or unconsciously) directed the Universe to bring into our lives. What ‘happens’ to us is the direct result of and the manifestation of what we focus on.The problem is, for most of us, we are continually using The Law of Attraction to bring into our lives more of the things we don't want, instead of the things we do want. This is because most people do not understand how to effectively and correctly harness this powerful force."
Excerpt from 6 Week Life MakeOver, to read full here

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