Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Aren't the Spiritual Laws More Commonly Known and Used-Squidoo Lens

Why Aren't the Spiritual Laws More Commonly Known?

Unfortunately, most people go through their entire life without ever learning of these spiritual laws or of their true inherent power. Did you learn about these laws in school? Probably not, me neither. Sadly, most people never truly realize their full potential or life purpose. Instead, they continue to rely on the outside physical world to control their thoughts and actions. These people continue to seek success and happiness through external physical channels. They focus on acquisitions and achievements, and they accumulate more in an effort to fill that void or emptiness. They are influenced by other people, by the media, by what others will think of them. They fail to consciously live from the inside out. As a consequence, physical, emotional, and even spiritual turmoil results or manifests within them.

It is by failing to understand, internalize, and consciously harmonize with these spiritual laws from where all life, abundance, and prosperity comes that so many people continue to struggle with life. Life is viewed as hard or difficult or "not fair." They swim against the current rather than along with the flow. Their results in life are ordinary or mediocre at best.

The vast majority of people in our world today, independent of location or culture, have developed a belief system that is based on the concept of lack and limitation. That there is "not enoughness" in our world. Not enough food to go around, not enough money for everyone, not enough business for all to prosper, not enough women or men to date. These beliefs of lack and limitation result in competition, greed, fear, or anxiety over losing. These people do not understand that there truly is enough of everything to go around. We are creative beings; all we need to do is create it. In fact, this chronic way of thinking, due to our social conditioning, has resulted in the mass consciousness that brought about the many wars, the depressive plunge of our economy, high divorce rates, broken families, increased rates of depression and anxiety, and other health ailments. This belief of limitation, this chronic way of thinking and even acting, causes most people to completely overlook the possibility of consciously, purposefully, and intentionally improving their lives. All that is needed is an understanding of our oneness with the Spirit, our connection to the Source of all, that is so willing and infinitely able to give us anything we want and more when all we need to do is claim it.

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