Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mastering the Time Honored Spiritual Laws-Squidoo Lens

Spiritual Laws: Be a Mastermind of the 20 Spiritual Laws
Welcome! You have been attracted to this lens on the Spiritual Laws because you are seeking more insight and enlightenment and this lens on the 20 Spiritual Laws has found you!Becoming a Mastermind of the Spiritual Laws allows you to live in harmony with the Universe and attract all the good that you desire! Attract love, wealth, friends, fun, perfect health and more! Decide to deliberately create your future now!If you are ready to master the Spiritual Laws quickly, read the book "What I Forgot The Day I Was Born": simply click here to order today Universal-Spiritual-Laws!

Secret to Happiness, Abundance, and Success lies in these 20 Spiritual Laws!The secret to experiencing happiness, abundance, and success in life is in becoming aware of and "consciously" harmonizing your thought, intentions, and actions with these spiritual laws. Then your desires can show up in your "physical world" as the events, conditions, and circumstances also called your results, which you experience in every area of life.The secret to living a happy, peaceful, abundant life results from understanding and applying these universal laws to your own life. In order to become abundant and successful, you must first become "conscious of" and develop a deeper understanding or "heightened awareness" of how and why these omnipresent "laws" operate as they do. But an understanding of these universal laws is not merely enough; it is the understanding and application of wise thoughts that matter. If you want to change your results, your wealth, health, relationships, you must learn to live in harmony with all of these spiritual laws.

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