Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life is Abundant in This Economy: 3 Sure Ways to Make Extra Cash!

This blog focuses on Well-Being, that meaning optimal health, wealth (which means well being), prosperity (which means according to Hope) and freedom.

In many ways having the time and energy to maintain optimal health, to live fully in mind, body and spirit and to continue to unfold spiritually, one must have financial freedom.
I enjoy attracting abundance in my life and it is my passion to share with you what I learn so that you too can see all the infinite opportunities to attract wealth and therefore health and complete well being, even in this rough economy. I fundamentally believe, even in these rough times, there are people who continue to create abundance and make lots of money...I want to be one of them! I want freedom so that I can focus on my well-being, my health, my body, my meaning ful relationships, my spirit.
SO, Here are Three Sure Ways to Attract Abundance to You & Earn Extra Cash:
1) Passive Income via Penny Stock Investments: Watch this video of this Stock Program that virtually taps into Wall Street to show you the penny stocks to buy and sell, easily make an extra $134.00 each and every morning even before you have had your first cup of coffee!
View "Stock Robot Video" Just watch it.....just watch it, you have nothing to lose, only passive income to win! I have tried it out, it works!!!
2) Work At Home Income Opportunities: these are great! Easy, simple work that can be done from a computer any where...any time. Make extra passive income while you sleep, before you work or on the weekends.... extra cash to keep you abundant and feeling abundant despite the crashing world economy...Here are 2 legit, proven sites on Work at Home Opporuntities, each company has been reviewed and rated. They are very good: and
You can set up affiliate programs, work at hom businesses, do work at home jobs and even easy and instant cash from doing cash surveys. Some cash surveys pay $40-$100 an hour for your time, that is mindless work!
3) Study the Universal Law of Abundance and Other Universal Laws. I have learned the true secret in life is living in harmony with these universal laws! These are time honored spiritual laws tha govern the universe. But.... we never learn them. So most of us spend our lives working against them. Change the tide, flow with the abundance, learn to live in harmony with these laws...Bob Proctor (The Secret Teacher) tells it best.... Once you learn and obey these laws, income, abundance and all good things comes more easily and effortlessly...Read more on the Universal Laws, the 11 forgotten Universal Laws.
Learn why The Law of Attraction by itself is not effective!

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