Sunday, January 18, 2009

Law of Attraction Not Working For You? Read This

Finally Bob Proctor teaches us why the law of attraction by itself is not the answer, mastering the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction requires living in harmony with all of the Universal Laws, Learn, Master and Live the 11 forgotten Universal Laws!

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New year, old results?‏

If you haven't got The 11 Forgotten Laws yet, I hope you're not making the same mistake as every one else by making New Year resolution lists. Why? Because you need a manifestation list! You've probably been writing resolution lists year after year... but has that helped you live the life of your dreams yet?
To live the life your dreams, the first step is a manifestation- NOT a resolution - list. I'm sure you already know that in order to attract what you want, you have to first write it down.
The second step is putting the Law of Attraction into action, and what better way than with The 11 ForgottenLaws from Bob Proctor? Because what makes you think that with the same information and the same attitude that you had in 2008, that you will be able to get different resultswith the Law of Attraction in 2009? That's why I want to strongly encourage you to start your new year with new resources so you can finally manifest all your desires, even when the economy is supposed to be at an all time low.
That's why I don't want to WISH you a Happy New Year. I want to give you the choice to MAKE a Happy New Year.
PS: Here's what one person has said: "There are a lot of books and teachings out there that kinda teach you how to work with the laws and what to do but there’s not one [like The 11 Forgotten Laws] that interprets them and shows you how to use them in your life. What do I do day by day? How do I use these in my life? So I would encourage all of you to take the chance and the 0pportunity and make that transformation and really find out how you can achieve whatever you want in your life." -- Genie Calen Barat
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Melissa said...

Even though I've been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for years, I only seemed to be able to manifest little successes in my life. A wonderful book called "The Attraction Distraction" by Sonia Miller, helped me finally make sense of the Law of Attraction. I no longer have to take things on faith. I actually understand how the Law of Attraction works now. I would suggest this book to anyone wanting to make sense of the Law of Attraction.

jake @ mylifepassport said...

very nice. these laws of attraction are quite interesting :)

ghenessa said...

yeah I heard about it but I haven't actually read it or what. Thanks for sharing this by the way.

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