Friday, October 31, 2008

FREE Report on Reversal of Law of Attraction

The Law of Vibration and Attraction: You can use it to increase Health, Wealth (which means well-being), prosperity (which means "according to hope") and cultivate your meaningfull relationships.

This law may be considered by many as the law of laws... everything is energy, our thoughts our energy. Everything vibrates, our thoughts vibrate. Positive, passionate, inspired thoughts vibrate at high energies, where as thoughts of anger, fear, depression, anxiety or competition are low energy vibrations. Nothing rests, not even inanimate objects.

Conscious awareness of your thoughts or of vibration is called feelings. When you feel good, you are vibrating at higher frequencies, when you feel bad you are vibrating at lower end frequencies.

Your thoughts control: your paradigm, your environment---your results. Your thoughts dictate that which you attract to you, good things with high vibrations or more bad with lower energy thoughts and vibrations. But remember you can choose your own thoughts and therefore your own results.

Your ability to earn money, attract optimal health of the right people in your life is directly affected by the manner in which you work with this law. In so far as money, or health or success is concerned, how do you plan to work with this law? What changes will you make?

List 10 things that you will do from this day forward in order to work in harmony with this law to secure success, more money, better health or improved relationships.Remember it is important to practice having good thoughts, and feeling good.

So when you feel bad, do something to help you think of something pleasant so you raise your thought vibrations and start to attract more good to you. Listen to uplifting music, personally I pull out my SGR program MP3 player and listen to it to get my thoughts back in positive vibrations or I pull out my Dr Dyer program on inner peace and the power of intention. ( The important thing is that you become aware of your feelings and therefore your thoughts. That you change your thoughts and therefore your vibrations to positive ones and higher frequencies.

This is how you master this law and attract more good and abundance (good health, wealth, success, relationships) to you. Stay in the positive higher energies, find what it takes to help YOU get and stay there... you have to find this out for yourself, resources are provided and recommended on this blog, they are all very recognized, respected and effective, but you have to try out what works for you, and use this knowledge to work in harmony with this universal law.

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