Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Live Stress Free Life!

Stress, we all know it and know what it can do to us. It can ravage our bodies causing disease and disability. It can reak havoc on our minds, confusing us and directing us to live in fear and anxiety. It can ruin relationships if we let it. It can take attention away from ourselves and the things in life that are most important.

I have found, in success and obtaining optimal health, finding inner peace, and reducing stress is absolutely critical. Here is a summary of the 10 step process Dr. Dyer presents:Here is a 10 step process for creating a stress-free and tranquil life.

1) Remember that your natural state is joy. You are a product of love and joy, learn to stay in harmony with these feelings.

2) Your thoughts, not the world, cause your stress. (wow...That one is powerful!)

3) You can change your thought of stress in any given moment and eliminate the anxiety for the next few moments, or hours or days. This is a conscious effort that develops out of awareness. Increase your awareness, your power of mind and reconnect to the universe.

4) Monitor your stressful thoughts by checking on your emotional state. How are you feeling??? Did you know your feelings are actually your vibrational when you are feeling good you are in a high vibration, when you are feeling bad, you are in a low vibration. So feeling good is iportant as that high vibration is what attract good things and optimal health to you, you are keeping your body in harmony. That is well being, that is optimal health. That is the place where healing takes place.

5) Make a conscious decision and choice to select thoughts (and results) that activate good feelings.

6) Spend some time observing babies, and vow to emulate their profound joy.

7) Keep your ego in check. Refer to "Rule number 6". (Don't take yourself too

8) Accept the guidance of your source of intention.

9) Practice silence and meditation or self hypnosis. (I personally needed help with this so I am including some programs that can help: , , )

10) Stay in a state of gratitude and awe of all the abundance, love, joy and good that comes to you.

Ref: Dr. Dyer:
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