Monday, March 10, 2008

Personal Assessment and Development Tools

Personal development does not have to mean becoming rich and famous and living in Hollywood. Personaly development can occur in much less obvious or dramatic changes and can be equally as significant and rewarding. Personal development may mean you start to speak to your community, you write that book you have always wanted to write or you become a mentor to someone else.

Whatever you decide to do next in your spiritual, emotional and intellictual unfoldment, focus on how you can give your life away, how you can serve and give others. I read once that a day was not complete until you gave away something that was not returnable. Focus on that, give without want, give constantly and everything you need or need to discover for yourself will come to you.

Many people are not certain what their life purpose is, or what to do next. I want to share some tools and resources to help you move quickly down your path. Remember, when you stay on purpose, you never get too far off your path!

1) Take a Self Assessment Test.
There are several available to you. A self assessment test will ensure you develop a plan or life purpose that is catered towards you and your personality. These tools will help you identify your strengths, your weaknesses, your preferences and your ways of thinking. They can be fun, enlightening and informative. Some assessments are free and can give you a glimpse into your current path, situation, goals, desires and purpose.

Here are the popular ones with their website link:
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Strengths Finder

The self assessment tests do not require any fancy tools, just some time and patience and willingness to be open minded when you read the results.

2) Discover Your Personal Goals:
This is your why and what. Why you get out of bed in the morning and what you feel most passionate about. This is unfolding your life purpose. There are great tools available to help you do this. Here is one I recommend:

Discover Life Purpose

Create your life mission, start with a mission statement, this will guide you on your path to personal fulfillment and purpose. Whenever you are acting in accordance with your life purpose or life mission statement you are in a creative and attractive vibrational state. This is how you attract all that you need to accomplish your tasks. Everything you need will show up for you, if you stay on purpose, that is your own unique life purpose.

Here are a few suggestions about your mission statement:
Be passionate, seek feedback, write it, be yourself, follow your bliss.

3) Next Create a Development Plan:
Now create a development plan. You set the goals and the timelines. Then act and focus on your goals and plan. A development plan should include short and long term goals. Life is a marathon, your life purpose should continue and expand as you unfold. Sometimes the goals may not all be clear, but they will come to you as you stay on purpose.

Short term goals are often more effective and attainable. Long term goals are your long term visions. Your plan should also include action steps, outcomes and a plan for analysis. You will want to see if you are meeting your goals or revise your goals and timelines accordingly.

Own your plan. Write it out, post it where you can see it daily and create affirmations to keep you on track with your plan.

4) Find a Mentor:
I have posted several articles on this blog archive on the benefits of having a mentor. You will reach your goals faster and more efficiently with a mentor.Mentoring is a close, personal relationship that differs from supervision. Finding a mentor means seeking development and input from someone you respect and feels has experience or expertise in what you are pursuing. Mentors can be friends, bosses, family, authors, ministers etc. We meet mentors every day! Just open your eyes to them!

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