Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If You Use a Laptop: Read This!

Laptop Accessories are Necessary for Productivity, Comfort and Pain Reduction:

Because of the extraordinary sales growth of the laptop and computer notebooks and their use in the office environment, new ergonomic postural health issues are continuing to increase. Anyone who uses a laptop computer on a frequent basis for work or pleasure should invest in their self and body by adding some of these effective laptop accessories. The postural problems caused by laptop computers are easily solved by adding laptop accessories. The lack of monitor height adjustment and the size and positioning of the keyboard are the primary culprits. When you use a laptop computer, whether working in your office, an airport or a hotel, if your workspace isn't set up optimally, your body may be at war with your laptop.

Laptop computers allow us the freedom to work from almost anywhere but their basic design - a keyboard and monitor joined together violates ergonomic requirements for a computer. As you type, you should be looking straight ahead, or a little downward. Laptop computers create a no-win situation, if the keyboard is in the correct position for you, the screen isn't; if the screen is positioned correctly, the keyboard isn't.

Here are some ergonomic computer laptop accessories that allow the adjustability and flexibility for proper postures with the use of laptops. The key to comfort, ease of use, minimizing fatigue and enhancing productivity is proper posture. The various laptop accessories including a laptop holder coupled with a mini keyboard, and computer mouse reduce desk space and provide an ergonomic solution to computing while working from the laptop in the office, from home, or while traveling.

LapTop Accessories:Laptop keyboards and laptop accessories should promote neutral postures for the upper extremity and spine and appropriate visual planes and distances.

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