Friday, July 23, 2010

Creating Life Success by Being Congruent-lens on squidoo

What does creating success have to do with "congruence"?Congruence is ensuring that your thoughts, actions and emotions are all in alignment. When they are, you are on purpose and your results are much better, trust me!When one of these is off track, let's say you have learned to reprogram your thoughts to think more positively, and you have an action plan in place where you daily do things that reflect these better thought patterns, but your emotions are still those of non-belief, worry, doubt and fear...well your results will suffer!

Creating success under those circumstances will simply be difficult or impossible.You must learn to be congruent! Monitor your thoughts, observe your actions and feel your feelings. Are they in alignment? Are they REALLY in alignment? There are several incredible resources on this lens to help you with this if you are still struggling!Now another way to look at the concept of congruence is from my book "Acquired Hope". (Book listed below as resource)

Some people will read this lens and spend a lot of time and energy focusing on good thoughts and meditation or visualization and they will seem to do just about everything right-set goals, practice positive thinking, be thankful, practice the creative process and visualization, and still not see results. In order to create success, one must achieve congruence.

Congruence is the condition that all parts of you are in alignment. You must align these three key parts.
-DESIRE: The first key part is desire. You must want it. You must want something so badly that you are willing to make changes. You must want it in every cell and fiber of your being.

-DESERVE: The second key to becoming perfectly aligned and congruent is to deserve it, this is self-acceptance. This is also your self esteem, you must believe that you deserve that which you want or consider success in life and that you are deserving of all the abundance of life.

-BELIEVE: The third key part is belief. You must believe, with faith and purpose that you can achieve a successful life in all areas.


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